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Launch your Online Food Ordering Marketplace Similar Just Eats, Diallo Eats or Uber Eats From $14995 Negocio

hace 2 semanas Servicios New York City   40 vista


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Ubicación: New York City
Precio: $14,995

The multivendor portal capabilities give restaurant owners and sellers the power to manage their business & product listings on their own. This means less management hassle and more profits for you!

Based on the proven business model of brands like Uber Eats, DialloEats, Deliveroo, The food ordering system marketplaces works in a simple, yet effective way to ensure your startup's smooth growth:

  • Local Restaurants/food outlets list their menu on the website.
  • Store owner deducts commission from the order amount & forward the rest.
  • Customers order food of their choice by browsing/searching.
  • Restaurants deliver order while store owner remains updated on it.

See live portal example here: DialloEats.com